Wisdom for a Livable Planet, Carl N. McDaniel
Carl N. McDaniel

Wisdom for a Livable Planet

373 printed pages
The author profiles the work of eight visionaries who have dedicated their lives to various environmental issues. Each story provides a portrait of an individual's valiant and inspiring campaign to improve the conditions for life on our planet. Taken together, the work of these people points the way toward creating an ecologically centered civilization in which a brighter future for all life, including human, is possible.*Terri Swearingen takes on one of the world's largest hazardous waste incinerators burning toxic waste next door to an elementary school.*Stephen Schneider establishes the scientific basis for climate change*Herman Daly advocates a dynamic steady-state economy that respects the laws of nature and human behavior.*David Orr champions educational reform to make universities a place where students learn how to be environmentally aware citizens*Werner Fornos works toward empowering every person with the knowledge and means to decide when and how many children to have*Helena Norberg-Hodge champions local living with appropriate technologies to enhance our spiritual and ecological well-being.*Wes Jackson promotes sustainable agriculture based on local ecology and community values*Dave Foreman leads the effort to rewild almost half of North America with wolves, mountain lions, jaguars, falcons, and others to restore functional ecosystems and preserve biodiversity
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