Dean Alan Raven

Dark Farm

Wizards, gods, monsters, reanimated dead things … and this is just the beginning.
A family of campers has been slaughtered and Sam Morgan from the government's National Security Office is scouring the Six Hills for the killers.
In nearby Quorn, trainee fire officer Kane Gates struggles to come to terms with his own family tragedy. And now he has to battle the sinister sorcerer Wilfred Waite, who is bent on corrupting his brother and unleashing hell on earth.
When the headstrong Arika Livingston appears in Quorn to investigate reports of a dragon attack, Kane finds himself with a valuable ally. But what is Arika's real agenda? And what is her connection to Sam Morgan and the Dark farm?
The horrors lurking beneath the Dark farm will bring the feuding brothers together and begin a chain of events that will threaten not only Dylan, not only our planet, but existence itself.
How deep into a world of horror will Kane descend to protect his family from evil?
Dark Farm is a supernatural adventure, a thrilling rollercoaster ride into a Lovecraftian universe of wizardry, magic, horror, gods and a looming apocalypse. It's a dark fantasy that has at its heart the fragile relationship between two brothers.
The Lovecraft universe like you have never before experienced it
A century after Charles Dexter Ward resurrected Joseph Curwen and unleashed cosmic terror on the world, Ephraim Waite's father, Wilfred Waite, has taken ownership of the Dark farm and is hot on the trail of an original copy of the Necronomicon. You think Joseph and Ephraim were despicable? — wait till you meet Wilfred!
Dark Farm — Book One in the epic series, Bringer of the Dark
502 printed pages
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