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Abby Green

A Shadow of Guilt

A desperate woman must seek help from the one man she swore she’d never trust again in this romance of guilt, forgiveness, and passion.
Valentina Ferranti has always blamed Gio Corretti and his reckless behavior for her brother’s death. The last time she saw Gio she slammed the door on him—forever shutting out her youthful infatuation. Or so she thought . . .
Now, Val finds herself broke and publicly slandered by the infamous Carmela Corretti. There’s only one person she can turn to for help . . . the cold, inscrutable man from her past whose green eyes flash with guilt, regret, and a passion that calls to her.
Valentina may have had the strength to ask for help, but does she have the willpower to resist all that entails?
207 printed pages
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  • Vijaya Vijayashared an impression3 years ago
    💞Loved Up

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    👍Worth reading

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