Smita Sudarshana

Anatomical Reasons Simplified and Illustrated with Diagrams

 This book focuses on the important topic of anatomical reasons in detail,  written with a view to fulfill the long felt genuine need of the students who has to depend on long and lengthy text books to find the reasons of a  common anatomical scenario which is indeed a very tiring, tedious and time-consuming process.

It is written in very simple words in question-and-answer format, is easy to understand, and illustrated with diagrams to enhance the learning. It is arranged system-wise, comprehensively contains almost all clinically relevant topics, and includes previous 20 years (theory and viva) questions asked in various universities of India. Every effort is made to provide accurate, reliable, and updated information about the topic. Every answer is clinically correlated so that students remain motivated and focused while reading this book.
270 printed pages
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