Gretchen Altabef

Sherlock Holmes: Remarkable Power of Stimulus

Remarkable Power of Stimulus is the sequel to These Scattered Houses. Sherlock Holmes returns to London after three years away. Traveling from New York to Liverpool he faces death-defying challenges. He finds his city in the grip of a mass murderer and No. 221B Baker Street under siege. He reforms his partnership with Dr. John H. Watson in “The Adventure of the Empty House.” Miss Rachel Marcello and other characters from These Scattered Houses, a new young Inspector Chandra Das, the Baker Street Irregulars, and the usual London crew, plus a few surprizes, have their parts to play. We discover what Watson did during Holmes time away and how it made him even more the partner of Sherlock Holmes. Their solving of the heinous crimes involves these two gentlemen hurtling through the city, on both sides of the Thames, and to Oxford, in a dangerous chain of events better left unsaid.
261 printed pages
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