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P. G. Wodehouse

Something New

Something New is the first novel of what became known as the “Blandings Castle Saga” by P. G. Wodehouse and was published in the United States in 1915. Two Americans, Ashe Marson and Joan Valentine, endeavor to retrieve a scarab pilfered from an American millionaire by the absent-minded Lord Emsworth. Marson and Valentine soon find themselves impersonating servants while evading the Efficient Baxter.
The story was originally serialized in the Saturday Evening Post as Something Fresh in 1915. It introduced what would become the recurring characters or Blandings Castle: Lord Emsworth, Freddie Threepwood, Rupert Baxter, and Sebastian Beach.
266 printed pages
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    👍Worth reading


  • Oluchi 'buchi-Njerehas quoted8 years ago
    The mists of sleep, which still shrouded his brain, and the shake-up he had had from his encounter with the table, a corner of which he had rammed with the top of his head, combined to produce a dreamlike state.
  • Ted Fontenothas quoted10 years ago
    The sunshine of a fair Spring morning fell graciously on London town. Out in Piccadilly its heartening warmth seemed to infuse into traffic and pedestrians alike a novel jauntiness, so that bus drivers jested and even the lips of chauffeurs uncurled into not unkindly smiles. Policemen whistled at their posts—clerks, on their way to work; beggars approached the task of trying to persuade perfect strangers to bear the burden of their maintenance with that optimistic vim which makes all the difference. It was one of those happy mornings.

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