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23 Keys for Academic IELTS™ Success

Use 23 Keys for Academic IELTS™ Success as part of your disciplined study plan to maximize your score on the exam!

Trust the experience and expertise of an IELTS teacher with the same advice for his own students.

Learn essential information drawn from practical experience to defeat the Academic IELTS exam.

Key features

**8 chapters cover the four major language and “hidden” skills you need for IELTS excellence while giving you a sense of meaningful progress.

**Confidence-building advice to either supplement self-study or use as a textbook in courses.

**23 keys most relevant to IELTS candidates, drawn from the experience of a veteran English teacher.

**Extra Resource File full of extra materials to compliment student preparation.

**Immediate help for students who seek a high band score by preparing early.

**Trust the experience and expertise of an IELTS teacher to help you prepare for IELTS excellence on exam day.

When you complete this book, you will have a solid foundation for maximizing your Academic IELTS Band score.

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    Alena Rumakhas quoted3 months ago
    One of my favorite podcasts is 6 Minutes English by the BBC.
    b0725445699has quoted10 months ago
    Audio 1: using the English language to get by in an English-speaking country.
    Audio 2: mostly involves a floor plan or a map which you will need to study carefully.
    Audios 3 and 4: primarily related to academic subjects, with the last one predominantly harder than the rest
    b0725445699has quoted10 months ago
    You have 30 minutes to respond to questions about four (4) audios (monologues and conversations) plus 10 minutes to transfer answers to an answer sheet
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