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Charlotte Perkins Gilman


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  • Nast Huertahas quoted6 months ago
    It was like—coming home to mother. I don't mean the underflannels-and-doughnuts mother, the fussy person that waits on you and spoils you and doesn't really know you. I mean the feeling that a very little child would have, who had been lost—for ever so long. It was a sense of getting home; of being clean and rested; of safety and yet freedom; of love that was always there, warm like sunshine in May, not hot like a stove or a featherbed—a love that didn't irritate and didn't smother.
  • Nast Huertahas quoted6 months ago
    Alima was in a cold fury. She wanted him killed—actually.
  • Nast Huertahas quoted6 months ago
    Also, in keeping our women as feminine as possible, we see to it that when we turn to them we find the thing we want always in evidence. Well, the atmosphere of this place was anything but seductive.

    seductive to whom, tho

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