Dov Fedler

If you can write you can draw

In this simple guide to the basics of drawing, the legendary South African cartoonist Dov Fedler demystifies the act of putting pen to paper with the statement: 'My method for teaching is founded on one simple principle: if you can write you can draw. Writing is drawing. And fun.'
Using a series of easy-to-follow lessons based on the alphabet and numbers, he takes the reader on a journey into our own creativity, and reminds us that drawing will help us to see better, imagine more and create something new every single day.
Why should you draw? Apart from the many reasons he offers in these pages, he reminds us: 'I believe you should learn to draw because you already can.'
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    Yulia Nazarenkoshared an impressionlast year

    Занимательно, но! Я думала, что автор будет рассуждать на тему смыслов. Например, проводить параллель между текстом и рисунком, размышляя о природе творчества. Он же буквально учит рисовать с помощью форм, которые мы используем при письме. Приём интересный и, возможно, действительно помогает начать. Но если рисовать уже не страшно, будет костылем.


    Yulia Nazarenkohas quotedlast year
    Both of these examples – the watering can and the bicycle – highlight the differences in observing and seeing. To observe properly, we must think, though many of us have given up that old-fashioned pastime. I’d like to see it revived. Our world needs better thinkers to help solve the problems we’ve created without thinking.
    Yulia Nazarenkohas quotedlast year
    Drawings, or rather, sketches, are sometimes just rough notes to yourself on the journey to a better life of drawing.
    Yulia Nazarenkohas quotedlast year
    Drawing follows some geometrical rules, but it is also a visual stream of consciousness as one idea flows into another naturally. That’s why a drawing can express your emotional response to a visual stimulus. At its finest and most elegant, we call it art. Or even Art.

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