B.A. Mealer


When Rachel, Mariah's best friend, turns up dead, she doesn't buy the official story that Rachel was using again and helping to smuggle drugs.
But when Mariah digs deeper itno the murder, she uncovers more than she bargained for.-the roots of a conspiracy sunk deep intoe the bedrock of Ciudad Juarez and El Paso.
Now, sinister powers think Mariah has learned too much. Framed and threaten, she finds herself dodging corrupt local cops and a murderous drug cartel, not sure where to turn or who to trust.
On one hand is handsome DEA Agent Dale Warner. As teenagers Maraih fell iove with him; but can Mariah turst him now?
Then there is suave, sexy Phillip Ortiz, a protective local businessman with a dangerous side. He says he loves her, willing to do whatever it takes to win her.
Caught between the two of them, Mariah's facing a fight for her life and her heart. There's no telling who or what will survive the outcime.
Mariah: Blood of the New Moon is a suspensefull crime mystery with a strong, smart female protagonist in a story ripped from the headline
376 printed pages
Original publication



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