A Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Musashi
Miyamoto Musashi

A Book of Five Rings

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The definitive translation now encompassing never-before-seen images, including artwork by Musashi himself. Japan's business executives have long applied Musashi's teachings to their business methods. This book – the original life-guide by Japan's greatest warrior – means you can do so too. Written in 1645 by the most famous and unconquerable of all samurai, A Book of Five Rings is the classic guide to kendo swordmanship and a distillation of the philosophies of Zen, Shinto and Confucius. The West is now discovering what the Japanese have always known: that the ancient wisdom of the Samurai Way provides a strategy for decision and action in all areas of life – the home, the battleground and the boardroom.
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Anindya K
Anindya Khas quoted3 years ago
Any man who wants to master the essence of my strategy must research diligently, training morning and evening. Thus can he polish his skill, become free from self, and realise extraordinary ability. He will come to possess miraculous power.
tgarciahas quoted3 months ago
hen the great provincial armies were gradually disbanded under Hideyoshi and Ieyasu, many out-of-work samurai roamed the country redundant in an era of peace. Musashi was one such samurai, a ‘ronin’ or ‘wave man’.

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