Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen

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    Tabihas quoted2 years ago
    In the fairy tales, the poor girl smiles when she becomes a princess. Right now, I don’t know if I’ll ever smile again
    Jose Alfredo Corona Ruizhas quoted2 years ago
    My life is moving on, no matter how much I want it to stay the same
    marti leonhas quoted2 years ago
    I—I loved you. I trusted you. I needed you. And now I’m going to die for it.”
    marti leonhas quoted2 years ago
    I thought you were strong and brave and good. I thought you were better than him.”
    Better than Cal. Those are words Maven thought no one would ever say. He flinches, and for a second, I can see the boy I used to know.
    Kwaskqwhas quotedlast month
    “They’re going to send me to the war.”
    Kwaskqwhas quotedlast month
    Gisa is going to save us one day, with nothing more than needle and thread
    Kwaskqwhas quotedlast month
    I can’t do anything but steal from people who can actually do things
    Kwaskqwhas quotedlast month
    Jealousy doesn’t become you, Gisa
    Kwaskqwhas quotedlast month
    One day people are going to come and take everything you have
    Kwaskqwhas quotedlast month
    Three red stars on yellowed fabric, one for each brother
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