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Richard Todd

Time Tunnel: The Towers

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December 12, 2001

Three months have passed since the twin towers collapsed, killing Major Kyle Mason's newlywed bride. His Delta force unit is now in Afghanistan, on the doorstep of Osama Bin Laden's Tora Bora mountain fortress. Kyle is close to his target – within 100 meters of avenging his wife's death.

As Delta closes for the kill, a corrupt Afghan warlord betrays the Americans, allowing Bin Laden to escape into Pakistan. Crushed by his failure at Tora Bora, Kyle quits Delta and disappears.

Seven years later, Kyle receives a surprise visitor who recruits him for an incredible mission. Using technology at Area 51 recovered from Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, Kyle will travel back in time to stop 9/11 and save his wife.

Time Tunnel: The Towers is a daring suspense story that weaves actual history with the tantalizing science of time travel to rewrite history with an alternate ending.

The infusion of science with reimagined historical events in Time Tunnel: The Towers will remind readers of the works of Michael Crichton.


“An action-packed time-travel tale…” – Kirkus Reviews

“A daring white-knuckle ride — can't wait for the movie!” –
Gary Nolan, Cumulus Media

“The cliffhanger ending will keep readers hooked for the next installment.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A Michael Crichton-esque techno-roller coaster.” –
Stephanie O'Neill, Southern California Public Radio

“Time travel, action, history and an ending that will blow your mind! Richard Todd takes us on a fantastic journey you won't be able to put down.” –
Richard Titus, Executive Producer, “Who Killed the Electric Car?”
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