Alki Economou

The Expat Wife

Do you ever dream about how amazing it might be to live the jet-setting life of an expat wife? Well, it's not all it's cracked up to be according to author Alki Economou who lived just that.

In The Expat Wife, Alki outlines her time as she and her family moved across the globe thanks to her husband's job. Follow along on her journey as she moves from Europe to North America and back again; all while dealing with bureaucratic red tape and the daily stresses of being a wife and mother. You'll encounter multifaceted dimensions of the realities involved in the expat life including:

Feeling uprooted every time a company relocates you Finding a support system among strangersDiscovering yourself while still running a household 

You'll love this book if you love globetrotting or if you or your partner are considering taking a job that will move you and your family from one country to the next. Share in Alki's stories and see what it takes to truly be an expat wife.
203 printed pages
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