Clay Boutwell,Yumi Boutwell

101 Common Japanese Idioms in Plain English

Learn 101 useful Japanese idioms.

What happens if your mouth is heavy? Or if you use people with your chin? Or when you grind sesame? Find out all about these idioms and much more.

Beginners can get a lot out of this book, but understanding hiragana is required. 

Once one zooms beyond the basics of a language, idiomatic expressions, proverbs, and slang can provide the spice to keep motivation up and progress going forward. This book will introduce 101 of the most common Japanese idioms.

We are including, at no extra charge, sound files for all the examples found in this book. Use these files to practice your pronunciation and listening.

In addition, we are also including a free Anki deck with sound of all the idioms found in the collection. Anki is a free flashcard software that will help you quickly remember these idioms.

With this edition, we have removed all rōmaji (Roman letters) and even limited furigana (the small hiragana over kanji) to the first time the kanji appears in each lesson. For beginners, this may seem hard, but please consider it “tough love.” We want you to succeed with Japanese, and an early over-reliance on rōmaji and even furigana will hinder you in the long run.
We believe the best way to learn vocabulary is to study words within their proper context. Every idiom is followed by an example sentence and a paragraph or two explaining the context and usage.

Each idiom will have three sound files associated with it. The sound files are all recorded by native voice actors and actresses.

The first sound file is the idiom itself. The second is the example sentence. The third sound file has the idiom, an English translation, the idiom repeated slowly, and the example sentence with translation.  Try to mimic the Japanese speakers in sound and presentation. You'll find the download link for the free sound files on the last page of the book.

What are you waiting for? Give your Japanese vocabulary a boost with 101 Common Japanese Idioms now.
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