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“From the hair-raising to the eyebrow-raising, this is a scintillating account of meetings with spirits through history” (Mark Booth, New York Times–bestselling author).
It may seem incredible, but as bestselling novelist and occult expert J.H. Brennan reveals in this eye-opening new history, there is a wealth of evidence to suggest that the disembodied voices of spirits may have subtly directed the course of human events. In Whisperers, Brennan explores how the “spirit world”—whether we believe in it or not—has influenced our own since the dawn of civilization. With a novelist’s flair and a scholar’s keen eye, Brennan details the supernatural affinities of world leaders from King Nebuchadnezzar to Adolf Hitler, showing how the decisions and policies of each have been shaped by their supernatural beliefs and encounters. Brennan also examines the impact of visions, from shamanism in native cultures to prophets such as Joan of Arc. Chronicling millennia of contact between the spirit world and our own, Whisperers presents an entirely new and different way to look at history.
“Prolific Irish author and lecturer Brennan’s lifelong fascination with psychic phenomena fuels this comprehensive analysis of potential supernatural influences on history. . . . Certain hokum for skeptics, but the more open-minded will savor this chillingly convincing testimonial.” —Kirkus Reviews
“J.H. Brennan is an expert storyteller who paints an often terrifying picture of how human destiny has regularly been changed forever by individuals convinced they were in communication with intelligences from beyond. In Whisperers, Brennan has created a unique and timely history of spirit voices that is both brilliant and utterly chilling.” —Andrew Donkin, coauthor of Illegal
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