Maya Klyde

Void – Erotic Short Story

Mark pushes me down on my back. His body is warm and heavy on top of mine. His shoulders are broad and his arms are strong. My fingers slide up his back and find the soft cleft where the shoulder blades end. Our bodies move in rhythm. Like two lost leaves in the wind. Unsteady gusts of wind have blown us hither and dither, and now we are here, together. I kiss him lightly. Our nose ridges bump against each other."
Maya is a young woman who has just moved to Copenhagen. She has a hard time figuring out the men in her life and moves restlessly between them as well as the streets of the city.
“Void” is a story about being young, restless and longing.
Maya Klyde is a young, Danish author. “Void” is her first short story for Lust.
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