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Reign of Four III

The first female monarch takes power of an extraplanetary empire in this “fast-paced fantasy epic” by the acclaimed author of the Apex Trilogy (Richark A. Knaak, New York Times–Bestselling Author of the World of Warcraft series).
Station Aleon, a planetoid of System Helios, has withstood calamitous struggles thanks to the strong rule of its first two Masters of Station, Alexis Teirmont and his son, Alexis the Second. As it comes time for Alexis the Third to reign, the nobility wonders if they are ready for the first Mistress of Station Aelon.
The first female monarch in the history of System Helios, Alexis the Third is a true Teirmont in temperament and passion. Yet she is unique in ways no one expected. Despite the disdain, aggression, contempt, and disgust of the male nobility for a female ruler, Alexis the Third proves that gender was not what made a monarch. Her rule is about to change System Helios forever.
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