Connor Whiteley

Clinical Psychology Reflections

Perfect for university psychology students and clinical psychologists alike!

Lots of real world topics in clinical psychology aren't spoken about at university. Or they aren't explained very well until you enter the real world. And other topics need a new perspective to be understood.

Can we change this?

This great book is filled with lots of fact-based reflections and thoughts about clinical psychology.

Filled with new perspectives on major clinical psychology topics and new thought-provoking ideas that can be applied to psychotherapy and our work.

If you want a great engaging book filled with interesting, thought-provoking reflections. Then this is the book for you!


Clinical Psychology Reflection Content


The Purpose and Mandate Of Clinical Psychology

Should Psychologists Be Able to Prescribe Medication?

Genetic Treatments for Mental Conditions

The Importance of Reflection In Clinical Psychology

Why Is Continued Professional Development Important?

The Importance of Self-Care

Thoughts On Psychology of Religion

Comments On Psychology TV Programmes

Episode 61 Of the Psychology World Podcast

Positives Of Video Games

Diversity Within Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology In Health Settings

The Client Isn’t Powerless Against You

Social Identity Theory In Therapy


Is It Really a Problem?

The Importance of Societal Factors

Stressing Confidentiality

Psychology, Climate Change and The Importance of Psychology

Reflections Of Episode 95

The Psychedelic Finding and Integrity

The Importance of Positive Self-Image

Postnatal Depression

The Dangers of Language


Mental Health And LGBT+
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