Deadman's Crossing, Joe R.Lansdale
Joe R.Lansdale

Deadman's Crossing

156 printed pages
Deadwood meets The Walking Dead in this wild and profane Western romp featuring zombies, werewolves, killer bees, and one pissed-off gun-slinging preacher.The Wild West has never seen the likes of Reverend Jebidiah Mercer, a hard man wielding a burning Bible and a bottle of whiskey in the battle between God and the Devil. Frankly, he’s not sure he gives a damn who wins.As the not-so-good Reverend tangles with a Lovecraftian horror and joins a renegade named Flower to battle a horde of cannibalistic fiends, only this is certain: Mercer’s blasphemous journey is laced with relentless action, terrifying evil, and nonstop humor.This supernatural epic of the Old West that never was will leave you heartily cheering for the good guys—if you can just figure out who the good guys are.
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The hour hath come to part with this body
composed of flesh and blood;
May I know the body to be impermanent and illusory.

Пришел час расставания с этим телом, состоящим из плоти и крови; Да познаю я непостоянство и иллюзорность тела.

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