Kristi Floersch

It's Time Flourish Now

Most people either have anxiety about not having enough time to their self, or are depressed about having too much time on their hands. It is a rare commodity to be completely content with the resource of time.
Time is defined as every moment there has ever been or ever will be. A moment is a vague brief period of time. Therefore, the totality of time is made up of infinite moments in a lifetime in which we can be content or dissatisfied based on what we are doing. We have freedom to do what we want. With this freedom comes choice, which is the power to select what to do.
At times in our life, we may have other people who help us make choices of what to do with our time. As kids, parents help us choose what to do as they guide us to make good choices. As students, teachers help us choose what classes to attend and when to attend them.
As we reach adulthood, we are given the sole power to select what to do with our time of twenty four hours in a day. This is where the problem begins. We ask ourselves: “Where have I come from?” “Where am I going?” “Why am I here?” “How can I know the truth?” “How can I make a difference?” “What should I do with my time?” And we not more then begin to ponder the answers to these questions, when a distraction hits us broadside like a train into a parked car on a  track and forcibly jolts us in a different direction. The distractions of life steal us away from answering these questions of what matters most. We get so caught up in the distractions around us, that we are no longer able to be fully present in mind, body and spirit.
The answers to the questions motivate us to make good choices of how we spend our time. If we linger long enough and dig deep enough we just might come to understand the unique and beautiful contribution we are here to make. Being present in the moment means to have full control of our feelings and actions. There is a lot to learn about how to use time that results in a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment.
I suppose in order to write a book about time, I should be an expert. That is not the case. My purpose is not to define time, but rather provide insight on how to use time to grow vigorously and thrive by answering these age old questions.  It is a process that will result in a peaceful balance. It is the way that will create a lifetime of joy and contentment no matter what season of life you’re in. It will give your life meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

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