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Alexander Macel Andre Sebastian Barker Bailiff 6:30pm 25th August 1970 chose to protect the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia.
sooner officials get the Australian Federal Police statement the sooner they
can use it to call a Royal Commission into the negligence of the Chief Justice,
so they can argue he was negligent in the Mabo judgement, which is a 4–3
decision.» The Mabo judgement is the native title case.
I have to sue 1788 police commissioners, directors of public prosecutions,
ombudsman, administrator of Northern Territory governors, governor-general,
members of legislative assembly, members of legislative council, members of
house of representatives, senators and senior officers of higher education in
Australia. Whilst I am doing this, 250 people apply for restraining orders and
200 arrests occur. I become friends with the retired Chief Justice of the High
Court Sir Anthony Frank Mason while he establishes a Hong kong Final Court of
Appeal and becomes a judge for 20 years. I said, «whilst it is significant the
chief Justice of the High Court has been negligent for 7 years in his written
judgements, I think what is more significant is the fact 7 ministers from both
the labour party and liberal party have been significant for 7 years in their
administration of legislation violated.» I also said, no matter how hard life
was Vanessa Camille Bayliss always protected me, so no matter what I have taken
appropriate steps to protect as that is the right thing to do." Sir Anthony
Frank Mason says, “I appreciate you protecting me.” I get Pope's Apology to
China and Pope's Apology to Oceania and establish Australian Capital Territory
Supreme Court of Appeal 2001 and make United Nations case.

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