The Hemingway Kittens and Other Feline Fancies and Fantasies

Here are eight wonderful stories and two evocative poems for cat-people of all ages, including “The Hemingway Kittens,” “Cat in the Box,” “…And Mongo Was His Name-O,” “The Cat Tracker Lady of Asad Alley,” “The Cat with the Tulip Face,” “A Little Pinch Is All You Need,” “Hunger,” “White Comma,” “No Heaven Will Not Ever Heaven Be…,” and “Universes.” As Robert Reginald says in his Introduction: “This is a woman of enormous talent, whose fiction is utterly without compare among modern American masters. She sees things that no one else sees, she finds connections that no one else has ever imagined, and she makes her prose sing and vibrate with a barely constrained but firmly disciplined power, with immense feeling, with great sympathy for the all-too-human characters who people her literary worlds.” And, we should add, she has an understanding for cats that will be recognized by every reader who's ever taken in a stray, starving kitten scratching at his or her door. Great feline fancies and fantasies!
186 printed pages
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