The Aden Vanner Novels, Jeff Gulvin
Jeff Gulvin

The Aden Vanner Novels

1,015 printed pages
A special three-in-one edition of the Aden Vanner Novels, including Sleep No More, Sorted, and Close Quarters
Sleep No More
is an unflinching look at a detective’s fruitless search for answers. In all his years of experience, Detective Chief Inspector Aden Vanner has never had a case that nags him and haunts him as much as the Watchman case. Despite the time he has poured into the investigation, he’s come away with very few leads—and the pressure finally causes him to snap. Vanner is a creature of the alleyways and streets of London, unafraid to bend the law in order to get results. But his independent streak sets him in the crosshairs of the Complaints Investigation Bureau, which suspects that Vanner’s personal connection to the Watchman case is keeping him from making any progress. Now, in order to clear his name, Vanner must capture the elusive Watchman. 
In Sorted, Detective Inspector Aden Vanner is back on the case. Since his demotion from the rank of detective chief inspector, Vanner’s been drowning his sorrows at the local pub, debating what to do next. But when he’s savagely beaten by a couple of unknown assailants, Vanner’s decision is made for him. These aren’t your garden-variety thugs: They have connections . . . deep ones. As Vanner discovers the reasons behind his beating, he must lead a drug task force in tracking down the ecstasy and acid suppliers responsible.
In Close Quarters, a woman has been murdered in a professional hit. Now the only question is Why? At first glance, Jessica Turner seems every bit the typical London woman. Sure, she isn’t in the perfect relationship, but she still loves her man, Alec. So why, one rainy evening, was she cruelly gunned down on her front steps in a professional hit? This is the question that will haunt Detective Inspector Aden Vanner. When he hears about Jessica’s murder, Vanner is pressed to find the connections that no one else can see. As he digs deeper into the case, he begins to find connections between her murder and the Harlesden gang, and between Alec, the IRA, and an old acquaintance with revenge on the mind.
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