Bert O'Flannagan

The Spirit of Ned

If in my writing of this book my words appear to be telling the life of Ned Kelly in a different way to other books, or if some may believe that some of what my pen has been guided to write, may not be the actual facts, then I cannot apologise. I can only say that how do we or anyone write anything with the knowledge that what they write are the actual happenings?
Remembering that the supposed actual facts were first written by somebody, then in our minds it will always come back to what we believe or is believable.

The Indigenous Australians have the ability to through their minds, pass on history and folklore from generation to generation. The human mind is a marvelous piece of machinery.

I ask you to open your mind and take in these writings that I somehow have been guided to scribble out. I named this book as such, because each time I picked up a pen my arm was in fact directed what to write, and I found it almost impossible to stop.
185 printed pages
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