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Robin Marvel

Reshaping Reality

We all have a story. Most of our stories have bumps and bruises that leave us at the fork in the road as to where to go next, feeling alone on the journey of life. Reshaping Reality will encourage you to shake your spirit awake from anything that is limiting you from your potential, propelling you into a life of purpose and meaning, giving you the support needed to grow, evolve, and empower your life. Today, you stop existing and start L-I-V-I-N-G.
Readers who follow the Reshaping Reality exercises will:
Gain tools to reshape programmed beliefs Discover what cycles you are stuck in and ways to break them Learn how to break patterns of self destruction Explore ways to reshape your inner child Empower mind, body and spirit by taking an active approach to your life
«Reshaping Reality was very encouraging and spoke directly to me. It has helped me to be aware and let go of my bad habits and programming. I like to keep it's messages in my mind and it helps me to be kind and loving and to send good energy even to those people I don't like. Reshaping Reality is a lifesaver.» — Arnbjorg Finnbogadottir
“Robin comes to life in these pages a loving and gentle soul who gives to you the exact tools to do the same in your life and that is powerful. What I love the most is through the exercises and her inspirational guidance you find your own strength and power once again and that you Love who you are.” — Adele Marie
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From the Modern Spirituality Series
Marvelous Spirit Press
85 printed pages
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