Diana Nassiopoulou

Did the crocodile laugh

Story takes place in Greece from the 1930s onwards
234 printed pages
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    Ocelotos Publishingshared an impressionlast year
    👍Worth reading

    Very good book. Describes sides of real life in Greece of 1930 up to now. Things change during the passing of decades but the what happens behind a house's walls is still a big secret for many.

    Diana Nassiopouloushared an impressionlast year

    I Love this Book!! Unable to believe that parents themselves used to send their kids- (9 years old little girls and boys) - to other people - they didn't know- in order the kids to ..work and send money back to the family.. That Horrible fact unfortunately happened -not only in Geece- from 1930 to 1960- but in many other places in Europe..

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