Leon Trotsky

Stalin School of Falsification

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Banished from the Soviet Union in 1929, one of Leon Trotsky's first political tasks was to produce this damning reply to the falsification and re-writing of Bolshevik history carried out by the Soviet Communist Party's Stalinist leadership. Trotsky's decisive role in the October Revolution, the Russian Civil War and the first years of Soviet Russia, is exhaustively documented in his 'Letter to the Bureau of Party History', which was refused publication in the Soviet Union and forms the main section of this book.Also included is material exposing the fraudulent attempts to re-cast Stalin and his aides as key figures in the Russian Revolution, which involved suppressing and tampering with historical records. Other documents refute Stalin's spurious theory of 'Trotskyism' which, as Trotsky's evidence proves, was devised solely to discredit the Opposition's fight for revolutionary Bolshevik principles and justify the Stalinist bureaucracy's distortion of Leninism.Finally, in this book we have Trotsky's own indictment of the bureaucracy's disastrous anti-Leninist policies in action contained in his defence of the Joint Opposition against its expulsion from the Communist Party in 1927.
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