J.F. Penn

Gates of Hell

For millennia, they have held the gates of Hell shut against the darkness. But now they’re gone… and the gates are swinging wide.

When Morgan Sierra receives a package with a note from her father — murdered in a suicide bombing years ago — she goes on high alert. As an agent of ARKANE, the secret organization tasked with investigating the supernatural, Morgan has seen unusual things like this before. But even she isn’t prepared to face the danger that’s coming… from her own past.

Her father’s death was no accident. A member of the Remnant — a group of holy men schooled in the deepest mysteries of Kabbalah — her father was one of those charged with protecting our world from the demons that want to take it; to keep sealed the gates of Hell.

But the Remnant is dying, its members murdered by Adam Kadmon: a man once groomed to lead the Remnant before turning to twisted paths of power. Kadmon wants to open the portal between our world and Hell, to create a twisted, demonic version of our world over which he will reign supreme.

Now, Morgan and her partner — Jake Timber, the enigmatic agent who recruited her for ARKANE — are on the run. From the holiest cities in Israel to underwater cities lost to history, they must follow this trail to the end. To find a way to stop Kadmon before he offers the final sacrifice. A sacrifice of pain. A sacrifice of blood. A sacrifice of one of the children of the Remnant.

Kadmon intends to spill the blood of Morgan Sierra… and open wide the Gates of Hell.

Gates of Hell is the sixth installment in the bestselling ARKANE series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.F. Penn. Read as part of the series, or as a standalone adventure — either way, grab your copy fast, and join Morgan and Jake on their journey through the ARKANE!
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