B.Ayang Baka

Quick French For Beginners

Would you like to speak French and English? Quick French For Beginners is the self teaching book you need. It is a 50/50 English and French grammar book with over 2000 translations of words, sentences and expression. With the book (Quick French For Beginners), one can be able to learn how to read, write, speak and understand French and English languages. Quick French For Beginners contains essential and daily expressions of greetings, time, and conversation. Names of foods, animals, religious organizations, and other useful expressions characterize it.

Quick French For Beginners with over 2000 translations is an exceptionally designed textbook for anyone who would like to speak, read and write French without necessarily going for a teacher. Hundreds of daily vocabulary and expressions, names of food, geographical features, religious organizations, expressions of greetings, weather, time and an unprecedented mode of verb conjugations are some of the many topics treated in Quick French For Beginners with the aim of enabling learners to quickly speak French. Do you want to hold an enticing conversation, find your way, buy and sell in the market or even pray in French? Do you have a problem distinguishing between the masculine and the feminine (le/la and un/une)? Do you want to sing the American national anthem in French as well? Quick French For Beginners is your best choice.
111 printed pages


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