C.Reginald Enock

Spanish America (Vol. 1&2)

The aim of this work is to afford a broad survey of the Latin American countries, with the color and interest which so strongly characterizes this half of the New World; and to offer in some degree a detailed study of the region as concerns what the author has ventured to term a “science of humanity” or science of corporate life, whose main factors are topographical, occupational or industrial, and ethical or ethical-economic.
A Reconnaissance, and Some Informal Geography
A Historical Outline
Central America: Guatemala, Honduras, British Honduras, Nicaragua, Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama
Ancient and Modern Mexico
Along the Pacific Coast: in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
Along the Pacific Coast: in Peru, Bolivia and Chile
The Cordillera of the Andes: in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia
The Cordillera of the Andes: in Bolivia, Chile and Argentina
The Lands of the Spanish Main: Colombia and Venezuela
The Lands of the Spanish Main: Venezuela and Guiana
The Amazon Valley: in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil
The River Plate and the Pampas: Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay
Trade and Finance
To-day and To-morrow
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