Albert Payson Terhune

An Albert Payson Terhune Reader Vol. III

26 stories from 1901 to 1922 by Albert Payson Terhune, author of Lad: A Dog. Contents:
A Lightning Change (Lippincott’s Magazine, July 1901); A Park Row Galahad (Lippincott’s Magazine, September 1902); Drunk or Crazy? (Argosy, March 1910); Back to the Wickiup (Argosy, June 1912); A Knight of New York (Top-Notch, June 1 1912); The Sights They Missed (Top-Notch, December 1, 1913); When Man Meets Man (Top-Notch, January 1, 1914); Cephas the Paladin (Popular, Febuary 15, 1914); The Fate Chaser (Popular, October 23, 1914); The “Other Man” (Green Book, March 1915); A Post-Marital Engagement (Blue Book, June 1915); Money Makes the Marriage Go (Blue Book, October 1915); The Night of the Dub (Saturday Evening Post, March 31, 1917); The 101st Man (Green Book, May 1917); The Crippled Doughnut (Green Book, August, 1917); The Dubess (Saturday Evening Post, August 17, 1918); The Cross-of-War Man (Green Book, January 1919); The Final Crop (Green Book, February 1919); Tidy Emotions (Green Book, May 1919); The Winner (Blue Book, August 1919); Human Interest Stuff (Red Book, November 1919); The Unmarrying of Veeder (Red Book, December 1919); The Dub of Peace (Saturday Evening Post, July 24, 1920); Females of the Species (Cosmopolitan, September, 1920); The Whiffet (Popular, February 20, 1922); Beauty (Popular, July 20, 1922); The Punch (Popular, August 7, 1922).
Appendix A: Source material and notes. Appendix B: Reproductions of letters from Terhune, and several editors, regarding an inquiry from Terhune about the dramatic rights of one of his stories. Appendix C: How the publisher creates a book like this.
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