Nicola Nichols

Demon Seed

Chrissy falls in love with a coworker and lets him take her cherry. They hit it off and when she agrees to participate in a threesome with his old girlfriend, she thinks it will show her love. When he dumps her for the old girlfriend with no warning and no explanation, she wants revenge and her man back.

Turning to studying magic to win him back, her lessons involve screwing a magic-shop owner named Brian. She inadvertently summons a demon named Hector…an incredibly well hung and virile demon. He isn't pretty to look at above the waist but he offers to solve her problem. But there are consequences to solving love’s problems with magic.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

A few days later, I went to the store, looking for solutions. The magic shop was still where my sister remembered it (next to the adult toy store on Fifth) and it seemed to be the right place. I found lots of books about love and sex and after thumbing through a bunch that all seemed more or less alike, I bought a couple from the old guy (who was good looking in an odd sort of way) who ran the place.

When I read them I was disappointed. They gave me the impression that when it came to sex, if a girl knew what she was doing, the man didn't stand much of a chance. He was vulnerable. Unfortunately, the books didn't give enough information for a girl to know what she was doing. It was all vague and empty, stuff about absorbing his essence when he came and holding onto it. I'd felt Josh's, but couldn't recall anything I'd call his essence. Even if I had, I couldn't figure any way to absorb it, much less how to hold onto it.

The second time I came in, the man smiled. “Not finding what you want?”

“Not really. The ideas are fine, but there's no detail, nothing to work with.”

He grinned. “They don't give that away in the books, at least not the ones published. The nitty gritty is only available to those who commit to learning the ways of magic.”

“You talk like the books.”

That seemed to please him. “I teach magic.”

“Like card tricks?”

“No. I can't even shuffle a deck without dropping cards. But I can cast spells up to a point, and my potions aren't bad.”

“Love potions?”

He laughed. “Gaining love requires more than a potion. You can't even benefit from someone else casting a spell for you. It's sort of personal magic. You need to learn how to do it yourself, especially if it's something you want to last.”

I sensed something coming from him. It was attractive. I wondered if it was that aura stuff I'd read about. Maybe it was his essence. How could you know? “So you give lessons?”

“I take on apprentices.”

“I'm in kind of a rush.”

“We can start now.” He smiled. “If you're a quick learner…”
22 printed pages
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