Levitin Daniel

Organized Mind : Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload

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    Dinara Halikovahas quotedlast year
    —we now better understand how to overcome evolutionary limitations
    Karohas quoted2 years ago
    Things to do at home
    Things to do at work
    Things to ask Pat to do
    Things related to Mom’s health care
    Phone calls to make
    David Allen recommends this mnemonic for fine sorting your To Do list into four actionable categories:

    Do it

    Delegate it

    Defer it

    Drop it

    Allen suggests the two-minute rule: If you can attend to one of the things on your list in less than two minutes, do it now (he recommends setting aside a block of time every day, thirty minutes for example, just to deal with these little tasks, because they can accumulate quickly to the point of overload). If a task can be done by someone else, delegate it. Anything that takes more than two minutes to deal with, you defer. You might be deferring only until later today, but you defer it long enough to get through your list of two-minute tasks. And there are some things that just aren’t worth your time anymore—priorities change. While going through the daily scan of your index cards, you can decide to drop them.
    amoerhas quoted2 years ago
    Attention is a limited-capacity resource.

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