Graham Spence

The Apocalypse Chase

Chris Stone has one passion in an otherwise staid existence; fishing. Stuck in a soulless job and a failed marriage, he decides to do something truly radical with his arid life: give it all up and put a 'gone fishing' sign on the door.
But he wants to fish with a difference. He wants to catch fish that have seldom, if ever, seen humans before. To do so, he has to fish in the most dangerous places in the world.
What follows is a roller-coaster adventure, from being hijacked by a murderous gang in South Africa, kidnapped by Marxists in Colombia, escaping Islamic fundamentalists in Chechnya and fighting for his life in the far outbacks of Canada when he breaks his leg while being chased by a Grizzly bear.
Along the way he unwittingly embarks on a journey of discovery far removed from the concrete confines of his previous life. He meets an array of people; outlaws living on the hard edges of society, revolutionaries who believe it’s more fun to be Che Guevara than Bill Gates, outdoorsmen who live the ‘soul’ of the planet, and beautiful women who, like him, are running from reality.
Some are honorable; some despicable. But none are boring.
He also catches fish he previously only dreamt of.

Graham Spence is the co-author with world-renowned conservationist Lawrence Anthony of the best selling trilogy, The Elephant Whisperer, Babylon's Ark and The Last Rhinos.
He was born and grew up in Africa, and now lives with his wife and two sons in Berkshire, England.
284 printed pages
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