A Private Showing, Blair Erotica
Blair Erotica

A Private Showing

Selling a house has never been quite so steamy. Lori is a bored receptionist at a real estate agency. Ben is a hot guy who wants a building with apartments, and Lori inherited one from her parents. It isn't listed yet, and she proposes a private showing. She wants him to explore every nook and cranny and probe into every orifice, even her back room, and it hasn’t been entered before. When Lori’s roommate joins them it’s a hot, hard, and unprotected real estate transaction.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

I was sitting at my crappy little desk, which faces the front door. I hate the fact that my desk faces the door because it means I have no privacy. The door is glass. The only advantage is that I get to see everyone who comes and goes. When Polly came in the office with an interesting looking guy in tow, for once, I was glad I couldn’t miss seeing him.

I guessed he was in his late thirties. I don't have a thing about older guys, but I thought he was kind of hot and I do have a serious thing about hot guys. As Polly led him to the table where she keeps the books that list the houses for sale, I gave him a closer look. He had yellow hair and gray eyes that sparkled. Better yet, I loved the way he moved — like an animal, all smooth.

He wore jeans, tennis shoes, and a flannel shirt. I knew that would have put Polly off her game. She was a dress of success type and hated it when people underdressed. Even if I’d agreed with her about appropriate attire, I liked the way his butt looked in those jeans. He saw me looking at him and flashed me a smile that was to kill for.

“You might find something in these books that is close to what you are looking for,” Polly told him. She talks like that in the office. I’ve heard her talk like a real person, one who doesn't have a stick up her butt, more or less, but in the office, with clients, she is Miss Formality. “I'm afraid it isn't the kind of listing that I tend to deal with a lot.”

“Then maybe you can direct me to someone who can help me,” he said. I almost laughed. He was kind of ticked off at her attitude and you could hear it in his voice, which was a sexy voice. I saw that when he said that, he didn’t care about her response… he was watching my face to see my reaction, which was a grin because Polly isn't used to men talking to her that way. Because she is good looking and a hot realtor, she thinks she can be rude and bitchy. Often enough, she’s right. She gets away with it, so being nice is not high on her things to do list. Not with this guy, though.

“I can't think of anyone in town who knows more about what is on the market,” she said ramping up from formal to downright rude. I liked seeing her bite her tongue and backpedaling. “It is just that most listings in this area are for single family homes. Most people who walk in have seen our posters around town or the ads in the papers and come in to see the featured listings.” She pointed to the two thick books on the table. “I have an appointment to show a house right now, but if you look through the book you might find something. If you do, show it to Lori and she will make sure it is still on the market and arrange for us to go see it.”


Polly pointed to me and pretended to smile. “Our receptionist and secretary.” The man just nodded and sat down and started to flip through a few pages. You could tell that already he knew he wouldn't find anything. “Something might have come up online recently and Lori will check for you. I seriously doubt there will be anything like the property you describe, but she will help you look. If you find anything that interests you, Lori can set up an appointment for us to go see it.”

He nodded again. Polly grabbed her purse and waltzed out the door swinging her purse and wiggling her butt as if she figured he would be watching her. She thought no man could resist watching her walk across the room in her tight skirt.

He didn't resist.
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