Engr. Musa Sunday Joel

Understanding Women, How They Think and Why They Act The Way They Act

TO most men, women are like a geometric progression that doesn't make any sense, little wonder they are uncertain as to what women wants, how to please them, and how to better understand their thoughts and desires.

Unfortunately, some have given in to the idea that it is impossible to please a woman, to keep her satisfied and faithful to one man!

Interestingly, only those who have a better understanding of what it takes to connect with them — spirit, soul and body and thus navigate through the mysterous, complex, and challenging nature of a woman's world often get the best from them. No matter where you are in life — single, married or divorced — you being an interesting personality women would love to spend time with depends on how you understand the way they think and why they act the way they do.

Understandingthe Women, How They Think and Why they Act the Way they Act is parked with a mesmerizing revelation that would help you determine the style and the motivation behind every woman's act, thought and desire.

Read this book and discover what women really want from men.
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