Robin Sacredfire

The Ultimate Book of Powerful Quotations

Throughout human history, many where those who have enlightened mankind with the truth, and guided, each one in a special way, the rest of the world, toward a more joyful and prosperous way of living. While some are still remembered, most have been forgotten, and remain unknown to the masses, who in the darkness, ignore the fact that they may not even have access to a vast amount of knowledge during an entire lifetime, knowledge which has been segregated into small libraries, or very exclusive groups, most of them very selective in what regards the members they wish to allow access to such high knowledge. And so, the masses remain ignorant and imbecile as they ever where, starved for wisdom they neglect as much as they ridicule.

It was with this in mind, that the author has been collecting what he considers to be the most profound, clear and powerful quotes put on paper. In this book, you have access to the core of human wisdom, the most empowering quotations, resuming thousands of years of the most high wisdom present on planet Earth.

May this book be as a powerful medicine for your soul. And may you share it with others, so that more people can have the opportunity to free themselves from the boundaries of ignorance. For the more the world evolves, and the faster it does, the less evil will be present on the planet, as there is no such thing as evil amongst those who possess the truth of all truths, the light that shines on this world through the minds of the wise that either live or have lived here. These quotes set the beginning of a journey to an unknown territory, and may you never be the same after reading them. Repeat the reading as much as you can and may you grow in intelligence and compassion as much as you grow in strength.
128 printed pages
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