Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, John le Carré
John le Carré

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

425 printed pages
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George Smileys deadly game is now a major motion picture starring Gary Oldman and Academy Awardwinner Colin Firth Its the oldest question of all, George. Who can spy on the spies? The man he knew as Control is dead, and the young Turks who forced him out now run the Circus. But George Smiley isnt quite ready for retirementespecially when a desperate Russian woman defector surfaces with a shocking accusation: a Soviet mole has penetrated the highest level of British Intelligence. His treachery has already blown some of their vital operations and their best networks. He is one of their own kind. But which one? Relying only on his wits and a small, loyal cadre, Smiley traces the breach back to Karlahis Moscow Centre nemesisand sets a trap to catch the traitor.
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"To possess another language is to possess another soul."
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Trouble with an Alvis is, no damn springs,' said Jim at last, more to the window than to his visitor. 'You drive along with your rump on the white line, eh? Cripple anybody.' And, tilting his trunk again, he drank.
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