James Harrison

The Pattern & The Prophecy

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We live in perilous times: the truths of Christianity are under daily attack. Anti-religious books are everywhere — even in “Christian” bookstores. Consider The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, God is not great by Christopher Hitchens, or The End of Faith by Sam Harris. These books and others are converting America to a secular, atheist state. Plus, Islam is growing worldwide. Fewer people identify themselves as Christians than in the past, a decrease of 10 to 20 percent in just the last few years. Young people are leaving the church in record numbers, as many as 70 percent in a decade. Intellectual skepticism is growing at an unprecedented pace as the truths of the Gospels are under daily assault. What can we do?

Clearly we must confront these attacks and beat them at their own game: reason and science. James Harrison shows us how to do this in The Pattern & The Prophecy: God’s Great Code. At the core of all the sciences is mathematics. The author proves God put as much mathematics into His Word as he placed in His Works. Everyone knows the number of the Antichrist, but who knows the number of Christ or the number of Jesus? And how is Jesus’ number related to Noah, to being born again, and the resurrection. And since fishermen never count fish, what is the purpose of exactly 153 fish from John 21:11? Harrison reveals all this and much, much more proving mathematics lies at the heart of God’s Holy Word from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21, the Bible’s first and last verses. Armed with this absolute certainty Christians can convert any non-believer. As Isaiah 54:17 says, “No weapon forged against you will prevail.”

After reading this book, you will be an expert on the Bible’s patterns, numbers, and symbolism. You have never read like this before — a book that comes along once in a lifetime to change lives forever. This book is destined to become an American classic. Look for yourself!

Included are many color photographs, numerous illustrations, bibliography, proofs, and three indexes: scriptural, number, and subject. Easy to read and informative, this book will enrich the spiritual life of every Christian.

This book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews — here are two:

The author, guided by the Holy Spirit, connects Old Testament dates and history and connects them to New Testament reality, straight forward to our days. With even-handed treatment that presents different views in an organized and logical form, The Pattern & The Prophecy is a great resource for putting the information into an easy to understand format and teaching eschatology. The author is simply brilliant, a scrupulous scholar, and his point of view is based primarily on the Canonized Holy Scriptures although he is not afraid to gain insights from other sources of information. This particular book plows new ground. I need to re-read it. I think it’s worth the time and effort. Very thought provoking! A must read for those who want to know the truth in a beautiful new eBook format.

Gerry, Alabama, Teacher

If you want more understanding as you read the Bible, read this book. It proves that God is the Master Mathematician. Actually, I'm not any good at math at all, but I understand the basic concept Harrison is writing about. As a matter of fact, its easy to do this yourself. For example: In Chapter 8 I read that “153” is Jesus' celestial number, so I found out on my own that the word “lamb(s)" is in the Old Testament 153 times (Jesus is the “Lamb” of God that takes the sin away from the world)! Also, regarding the 144,000 Jews that will be saved after the rapture, I counted Jerusalem in the New Testament and it’s in there 144 times! I love this book! Go for it – you can find your own pieces of the “God” puzzle as I have. God is letting us in on so many things. Don't miss out!

Debbie Stopforth: Graduate of Grace School of Ministry
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