From the Kitchens of Pancho Villa, Karina Ann Betlem
Karina Ann Betlem

From the Kitchens of Pancho Villa

From the Kitchens of Pancho Villa is so much more than a cookbook; it is a collection of recipes, stories, and pictures that share and celebrate a community and authentic Mexican cuisine. The book begins with an introduction which explains the purpose of this book and how Karina came to create and publish it. A general overview of the recipes and layout of the book is shared. Before the actual recipes are shared, there is a section devoted to discussing the ingredients, as many of these may be different from what one may be used to cooking with. Each chapter is devoted to one of the cooks whom Karina spent time with in order to create this cookbook. There are a few paragraphs shared about each individual and then the recipes that each one prepares in his or her home.

Karina Ann Betlem has done an excellent job of sharing her new home and community with the rest of the world in this cookbook. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Not only is this cookbook filled with so many delicious-sounding recipes, but it is also filed with pictures and stories that bring to life the cooks that are featured and also add a homey feel to the recipes. I enjoy Mexican food and going to Mexican restaurants; however as Karina has pointed out, this is not experiencing authentic home-style Mexican cuisine and these recipes are the ones that anyone could make at home. The recipes are well-written as they can be easily followed so that the dish is accurately made and they do not appear to be time consuming. The ingredients chapters are a great addition to the cookbook as I am not familiar with all the ingredients that are frequently used and the explanations that are provided are enough that I would feel at ease working with them. This cookbook is a must-have for anyone whom enjoys Mexican cuisine.
….5 STAR review by Reader's Favorite
488 printed pages
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