Tim MacWelch,Editors of Outdoor Life

The Natural Disaster Survival Handbook

How to survive everything from hurricanes and wildfires to earthquakes and tsunamis, from the editors of Outdoor Life.
From basic precautions like knowing how to use a fire extinguisher to emergencies like riding out an avalanche, this comprehensive collection of practical advice prepares you to protect yourself, your home, and your family in a wide variety of situations. Included are sections on:
The Essential: Get ready with the right emergency kit and first aid supplies. Be ready for earthquakes, floods, blizzards, and other natural disasters wherever you may be. Learn simple tips and techniques for treating common injuries, assessing danger, and getting to safety fast.
The Extreme: When a tornado is bearing down on your car, the floodwaters have cut off your home, or you’re camping and the lightning strikes seem to be getting closer—what do you do? This book tells you, in simple steps with handy illustrations.
The Emergency: Mudslides, avalanche, falling boulders often start without warning, leaving little time to prepare—or even think. Be prepared for the worst so you can react quickly.
From the premier publication that was founded nearly 125 years ago, this is a valuable resource for those who want to be ready for anything nature throws at them.
348 printed pages
Original publication
Weldon Owen



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