The autobiography of Malcolm X, Malcolm X
Malcolm X

The autobiography of Malcolm X

686 printed pages
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If there was any one man who articulated the anger, the struggle, and the beliefs of African Americans in the 1960s, that man was Malxolm X. His AUTOBIOGRAPHY is now an established classic of modern America, a book that expresses like none other the crucial truth about our times."Extraordinary. A brilliant, painful, important book."TEH NEW YORKTIMES
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Tonie C
Tonie Chas quoted2 months ago
stance on the human injustices that plagued the international landscape?
Nurul Hasanah
Nurul Hasanahhas quoted3 months ago
Truth does not change, only our awareness of it.
Rawan Qurmet
Rawan Qurmethas quoted3 years ago
He believed, as did Marcus Garvey, that freedom, independence and self-respect could never be achieved by the Negro in America, and that therefore the Negro should leave America to the white man and return to his African land of origin. Among the reasons my father had decided to risk and dedicate his life to help disseminate this philosophy among his people was that he had seen four of his six brothers die by violence, three of them killed by white men, including one by lynching. What my father could not know then was that of the remaining three, including himself, only one, my Uncle Jim, would die in bed, of natural causes. Northern white police were later to shoot my Uncle Oscar. And my father was finally himself to die by the white man's hands.
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