Modern Rituals: The Wayward Three

“A failed ritual annihilates modern life.”

Manhattan, NY: The E-Train slams into James Bixby, a strapping young artist on the rise, after a life-saving rescue attempt goes awry. Belfast, Ireland: A bullet severs Olivia Young's spinal cord while she defends a doctor colleague-the second bullet pierces her heart.

Then they awaken-unharmed.

“Selected” and thrust into a deadly ritual, James' and Olivia's lives-along with the lives of five others-will decide humanity's fate: surrender to the old Gods' rule or live on in blissful ignorance. Follow their frantic struggle as Magnus-a secret organization of enormous reach and scientific prowess-directs the ritual to its gruesome end.

If you loved Cabin in the Woods, then Modern Rituals: The Wayward Three will quicken your heartbeat and leave your eyes red and bleary! Pick it up and strap in-once this story leaps off the page there's no turning back.

This is the first book in J.S. Leonard's captivating new series.
280 printed pages
Original publication


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