Hernando Arturo Estévez Cuervo

Teaching to discern

The issue of academic environments involves both research and practice. It gathers theoretical and practical pieces of knowledge for a permanent analysis and evaluation of pedagogy, content, and accomplishments in the educational field. Moreover, educational practices no longer occur within the boundaries of a specific field; in a globalized world, those practices must overcome their traditional boundaries in order to expand to different disciplines and to different ways of understanding pedagogy. In our time, knowledge travels; ideas and experiences are shared in educational platforms worldwide while educators and students create novel ways to collectively participate in research projects that contribute to a greater understanding of the universe.
The anthology Teaching to Discern: Forming Connections, Decolonizing Perspectives aims to provide a novel context for academic dialogue on globalized pedagogical practices. pecifically, it focuses on what it means to teach abroad, which means discussing methodologies, pedagogies and contents used by educators who have had the opportunity of teaching in a foreign country. This book is a dialogue that engages academic experiences in a theoretically expansive and encompassing methodological and content-driven framework around the topic of teaching abroad.
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