C.J. Edwards

Santa Empties His Sack

Christmas Eve night and nothing stirred in the house — except Marianne! The pretty young housewife and mother just couldn't sleep. She and her husband had done the Santa thing and hit the sack but he had been snoring for hours and she just couldn't get off. Then a noise alerted her to the possibility of burglars. Unable to wake her husband, she tiptoed out herself… to be confronted by a very authentic Santa! He wasn't there just to leave presents for the kids though. Oh no, he had come for his own Christmas present — Marianne!
Santa was now stood right inside her personal space and Marianne felt a hard nipple brush against the fur of the front of his coat. “Don’t worry about your family, they won’t wake,” he told her. “Every Christmas Eve my elves select a woman for me,” he explained. His gloved hand came up to cup her chin and raised her face towards his. “I have to say, they’ve chosen rather well.” His mouth closed on Marianne’s and she subconsciously parted her lips in response.
The naïve housewife’s mind was now in turmoil. Fiercely faithful to her one and only love, she had never so much as hugged another man other than her dad and brother and here she was, willingly having her mouth probed by the tongue of a bearded myth. He broke off to let her breathe for a moment and she said the only thing she could think of. “But what about Mrs. Christmas…?”
“You don’t believe that story do you?” Santa smiled. “This year, you’re Mrs. Christmas!”

Adult reading material.  Sexually explicit.  All characters are over eighteen.
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Erotic Dreams
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