Richard Roberts

Your Road To A Better Life

Discover for yourself that the road to a Better Life is indeed paved with miracles!
Filled with simple, yet life-changing spiritual keys, Dr. Richard Roberts shares with you in his newest book from his own life experiences about how God can bring His miracles to YOU!
This book is for you, if…
-You are ready to learn key biblical principles that will bring God's miracles into your life.
-You want to know how to trust God as the total Source for all your needs to be met.
-You desire to be on top of the circumstances of life and not the bottom – to be the head and not the tail – to succeed and not fail.
-You are ready to know that you know that God is on your side–that He's for you and not against you.
-And… if you feel like you've lost your way and are searching for a Better Life.
It's a 91-day, step-by-step journey, which will help you have a better understanding of why God wants you healed and whole… in every area of your life…And you will come to know the Holy Spirit as the Person He was sent here to be… just for you!
309 printed pages
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