James Erith

The Dragon’s Game: Eden Chronicles, Book Four

To gain its freedom…

One of the Heirs must die, but which one — and by whose hand?

In the eerie tunnels of an ancient labyrinth, a remarkable beast has woken. Only in a fight to the death, will the Heirs of Eden save us. And they — and others — have more reason than most to come out victorious.

But this dragon has never been defeated.

Meanwhile, as our world tips into chaos, the authorities have no choice but to intensify their hunt for missing Archie, Daisy, and Isabella. Fully armed units head towards the ruin. Will the soldiers get to the Heirs of Eden first, or will their friends and allies do enough to distract them?

Under the ruins on the top of the cliffs of the North Yorkshire Moors, a battle is about to commence and the last thing the Heirs of Eden need is authority getting in their way.

The Dragon's Game, book four of James Erith's Eden Chronicles, is the latest in his high-octane, action-crammed, low-fantasy-adventure series.

“An amazing read.”

“Full of intrigue twists and turns. A great read for any age.”

“You won't want to put this book down.”

James Erith's Eden Chronicles are:
0 Truth (prequel, a novella)
1 Power & Fury
2 Spider Web Powder
3 Blabisterberry Jelly
4 The Dragon's Game
5 Eyes of Cain
6 The Key Eden Chronicles Book Set 1: Books 1, 2, 3 Eden Chronicles Book Set 2: Books 4, 5, 6
266 printed pages



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