Adele Lee

Under Him

Under Him is a true confession of Adele’s initiation, which takes place at the hands of her handsome first cousin, Rob. Adele has always loved worldly-wise Rob who bribes her with the promise of gifts and cash. She sacrifices her virginity and much more besides, little knowing that her early initiation into the addictive pleasure of sex will turn her a Sunday Girl.

A girl who has sex in return for money.

Warning: Themes that will offend some readers and content which is unsuitable for all readers under the age of 18.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Occasionally, I’d idle my time away in stationers. I’d leaf through pretty notebooks, leather bound journals, and personal organisers with sweet little padlocks, keen to purchase one and write down every tiny detail using a lovely pen. I didn’t give into that particular temptation in case it led to our discovery. I rarely resisted temptation, but caution was paramount and in any case, if Rob had found out that I had kept a memoir, he would have been furious, and I seldom risked making him angry. My sole purpose in life was in pleasing him at all times.

Now that Rob lives on the other side of the world, I have little contact with him. Following through with his resistance to committing anything nefarious to writing, he doesn’t email, text or write me. I have to make do with my memories and rare phone calls, but I don’t doubt that he often revisits our younger selves too. I follow some of the events of his new life via Facebook, and while adopting a low profile and being careful to appear casual; I am able to keep a watchful eye.

In spite of his preference for women much younger than him, proven by his seduction of me, he eventually married a much older woman. I was surprised because I knew he loved the girls he fucked to have long, slim limbs, bony arms and legs, wear no make-up and remove all superfluous hair.
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