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Basic Harmony And Musicianship is the easiest, least expensive and very best book you can buy for Music Harmony and Musicianship. This text is essential for those who want to master music. It will sharpen your skills while perfecting your understanding of the tools and elements of music. It unlocks the artistry and techniques of some of the world’s greatest musicians and answers all your questions about 2, 3, and 4 part harmony, chords, progressions, musical form and more. Clearly. Precisely. Easily.

Basic Harmony And Musicianship is Special because it includes an exclusive method developed by the author of his own unique Functional V7 -I System that allows anyone to learn all their chords and develop the ability to reduce almost all progressions to just two simple chords — on sight! This rare insight is revealed; and it is combined with a single technique that can be played on the piano, keyboard or guitar by anyone. Knowledge of this kind alone is worth more than the entire value of most music textbooks. Basic Harmony And Musicianship will guide you to your goal of first-class musicianship and make your study of music enjoyable.

To be sure, Basic Harmony And Musicianship is an easy to read book about the nature of music. It is the next step to take for anyone who has been trained with the rudiments of music but wants to become a master of the art. With this book you will develop skills and knowledge that will rival the very best in music. It teaches you the purpose and function of harmony, chords, progressions, and forms. What they mean. How to use them. How to make them your own — from the very beginning — from Bach to the Guitar Boogie — from the Blues to Beethoven.

Basic Harmony And Musicianship is also ideal for those whose knowledge of composition and performance in music is incomplete. This book is, without doubt, the best book for the Second Year Music student whose text usually fails to give a complete and confident understanding of the art. It is the perfect follow-up for the text Basic Music Theory by the same author.

The author of this text has always believed that the richest person in the world is poor without music. As a teacher, Joe Procopio has spent a lifetime successfully enhancing and enriching the lives of all he has taught. He has received testimonials from many successful musicians worldwide.
173 printed pages
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